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Health24.com | Here’s why your leg cramps while you sleep – and how to treat it

Knock out the dreaded charley horse for good.

Health24.com | This is how Viagra can help you live longer

Find out what the boost in the bedroom can do for your heart, too.

Health24.com | Does mom's dagga end up in breast milk?

The exact consequences of the small amount of dagga that might be ingested by babies through breastfeeding aren't yet clear. On International Weed Day we take a closer look.

Health24.com | SEE: This surprising group is at risk of getting Listeriosis

Since January 2017, more than 1 000 cases of Listeriosis have been reported countrywide. Let's have a look at the ongoing research and statistics.

Health24.com | The genius ab exercise that all gymnasts use, but everyone else ignores

It could be the world’s greatest core exercise and here's how you can learn to do it.

Health24.com | SEE: 6 body parts that can alert you to major health problems

Your legs or fingernails can tell a unique story about your health...

Health24.com | Most SA claims are for this dread disease

The largest number of insurance claims in South Africa are for cancer – with more "millennial" claimants than ever before.

Health24.com | Med stockout crisis cripples North West

The North West Health Department has been hit by strikes after failing to pay suppliers – putting patients' lives at risk.

Health24.com | Does alcohol cause acne?

Some foods can be a trigger for acne, but what about alcohol? Dermatologist Dr Nerissa Moodley weighs in.

Health24.com | Stop believing these 7 health myths

Does the colour of your snot mean you need antibiotics? And is pooping daily a sign of a healthy digestive system? We bust seven common health myths.

Health24.com | Could a deadly flu strain hit SA this winter?

Following an intense flu season in the US and UK, should we be worried about our own upcoming flu season?

Health24.com | 7 most common fibromyalgia symptoms in women

Lady Gaga suffers from this chronic pain condition.

Health24.com | The health screening you should have today, that could save your life later

Depression is not a character flaw – it should be treated like any other illness.

Health24.com | This is exactly what happens to fat when you lose weight

You might be surprised at what actually happens…

Health24.com | Learners suffer as thieves target school feeding programmes

The Congress of School Governing Bodies has confirmed that theft from school feeding schemes is a nation-wide problem.

Health24.com | Man with three faces: Frenchman gets second face transplant

In a medical first, a French surgeon says he has performed a second face transplant on the same patient - who is now doing well and even spent a recent weekend in Brittany

Health24.com | Medical malpractice litigation: Undermining South Africa’s health system

South Africans are becoming increasingly litigious, with not only the number of claims rising but also the size of the claims.

Health24.com | 5 ways out of an exercise rut

To rekindle your enthusiasm for your primary fitness activity, shake things up a bit.


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